DHFS DVR Recovery
Gerald Simpson Alemán
Hi Andrey....I'm trying to test the DVR soft but it just show me as result a list of files. No video show to verify is can recover well the data......my dvr is a ALHUA DHFS 4.1

In the demo version, result is a list of the date and time a video can be recovered.

We specifically made this restriction. If we recover the video in the demo version, the user, who sets the selected image fragments to the software input, can recover the required video.

You can send me any fragment of the image, I will send you a video.

Video is available only in the full version.

Vadim Tkachuk
The software crashed and reported an error. What should I do?

We recommend you to write to the support service:

  • write your email, what’s linked to the license
  • describe the error and send the screenshot to us
  • send “glog.log” file to us (that file is formed each time when the program is launched)
  • probably it will be needed to send the image file where was the error


Andrey Fedorov
Disk of DVR was formatted in the file system of NTFS and installed on Windows 10. Is it possible to recover the video with DHFS Recovery?

The software will find the video files in hard disk that were not replaced with new information.